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Complete solutions for environmentally friendly inner and outer packaging consist entirely of paper-based moulded pulp parts and corrugated board and are the perfect alternative to packaging made of polystyrene and other plastics.




Complete solution: product example
Complete solution: product example
Complete solution: product example
Complete solution: product example

Moulded pulp parts

Inner packaging

The technical industry presents packaging manufacturers with huge challenges. Environmentally friendly moulded fibre protective packaging made of recycled cardboard is the best-known technology, but other renewable raw materials are also used in a wide variety of customer projects. For example, we also supply custom-fit, moisture-resistant protective packaging suitable for sea freight for the automotive component supply industry or packaging that prevents electrostatic charging. Always 100% recyclable.

The use of moulded fibre parts in direct contact as an alternative to plastic blisters in the food industry, for example, also opens up exciting areas. We have already made a breakthrough with Gbfiber, an innovative product for the confectionery industry.

The many different possibilities of banning "disposable plastic" from the shelves and replacing it with moulded fibre parts are part of our core competencies in the R&D team of the Goerner Bionics business unit.



Corrugated board

Outer packaging

Nothing spurs on our team more than solving individual requirements for cutting edge, secure transport packaging or high-quality printed sales packaging. From idea to product development, via production process to punctual delivery. Working with our customers, we develop tailor-made packaging solutions that are precisely and cost-effectively matched to the intended use. And we do this using state-of-the-art processing machines, a wide variety of printing technologies (offset, digital, flexo) and motivated employees.



Corrugated board: product examples