Corporate Social Responsibility means doing business responsibly

Footprint with a clear conscience

Every company is not only a part of the economy but also a part of society. So they are also jointly responsible for the world in which we and future generations would like to live. Goerner and Rondo are very much aware of this and work constantly and very passionately on changing things for the better. Not just since yesterday and certainly not always perfectly, but we'll keep at it with all our might. Our efforts in terms of our environmental footprint are impressive. "Clean business dealings, a clean environment and respectful cooperation" are also our claim in the common ground between our two companies.


Do we still need to start a green revolution as mentioned?

The answer is YES.

UN Communication Material



Trigos Gewinner 2018
We are convinced...

...that it is not a question of whether but of how and when. We have defined how we bear responsibility and practice sustainability within the framework of the United Nations' global Sustainable Development Goals. We will do our part to ensure that as much as possible is done for the better by 2030.