Setting the standard for uncompromising environmental protection.

Complete packaging of recycled cardboard (inside and out).

The innovative complete solution with a highly efficient production and sales network in Europe is a more than powerful argument for rethinking. Experience, skills, innovative strength and short transport routes not only serve the common cause on behalf of nature but also meet all requirements for future developments in the packaging industry.


The trend away from plastics towards pulp and recycled fibres and other renewable packaging materials is unstoppable. However, many requirements need to be reconciled. The decision to opt for an environmental packaging solution is not always obvious, given the complexity of the supply chains and the many ways in which the concept of sustainability can be interpreted. Efficient project management takes the entire production and logistics process of customers into account and also contributes to generating savings in material costs.

For customers, a Faserwell project means: Profit on all lines because the experience and expertise of two packaging manufacturers that have been programmed for sustainability for generations flows into the same process. One contact coordinates all steps from enquiry to readiness for series production of individual and future-oriented inner and outer packaging.